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Cycle to Work Scheme

What is the Cycle to Work Scheme?The Cycle to Work Scheme is scheduled to come into operation from 1st of January 2009.
Cycle to work is a government tax incentive aimed at encouraging employees to use bikes for cycling to work.

How it works?
  • The scheme allows employer to provide an employee with a bicycle and/or cycle safety equipment without the employee being liable for benefit-in-kind taxation.
  • The scheme may also be imlemented under a salary sacrifice arrengement through the employee's payroll (in a similar manner to the existing Travel Pass Scheme). Under such a arrangement, the employer provides the bicycle and/or safety equipment to the employee who agrees to forego or sacrifice part of his or her salary every pay period (weekly/fortnightly/monthly as the case may be), in order to cover to cost of the benefit. The full cost must be recovered within a maximum period of twelve months and the salary sacrifice will be reflected in the employee's pay over that period.
  • Bikes wil be owned by the employees.
  • Limit on the value of such purchases is € 1,000 for each employee
  • The exemption may only apply once in any five year period in respect of any employee.
  • There will be no limits as to where the bike should be purchased.
  • The emloyer will also benefit in that employer's PRSI is not payable on the cost of the bicycle and /or safety equipment.
  • If employee is on the top rate tax and full €1,000 is spent, a saving of €415.90 is made - and possibly more if the employee is still below the PRSI cut-off point.
  • Employers will not be able to claim the VAT paid on the bicycle and/or safety equipment.
  • Employers will not be permitted to purchase bikes for their employees where they do not believe that they will be used for cycling to and from work by the eployees in question.
  • Participation in the scheme is volunary for employers. However, when an employer agrees to participate, he os she must make the scheme generally available, on an equal basis, to all emloyees requesting it.
Cycle to Work Scheme Conditions
  • The bicycle and/or safety equipment must be purchased by the employer.
  • The tax exempt benefit-in-kind for the bicycle and safety equipment will only apply where the employee agrees to use bicycle to cycle to and from work or between workplaces.
  • Under any salary sacrifice arrangement, the cost of the bicycle and/or safety equipment must be paid within 12 months.
  • The tax exempt benefit-in-kind will be limited €1,000. Where the cost exceeds this amount, a BIK charge will apply to the balance.
  • Electric bikes or any type of mechanically powered bicycles are not eligible for the scheme.
  • The tax exempt benefit-in-kind may only be provided to an individual employee once in a five year period.
  • Employees should note that if they avail of the scheme for even a small amount of expenditure relating to the provision of bicycles and/or safety equipment, they will not be able to avail of it again for five years.
  • It is not envisaged, at this stage, that thereb will be a notification process involved but the purchase of bicycles and associated safety equipment by employers for emlpoyees will be subjected to the normal Revenue audit procedure with the normal obligations on employers to maintain records (e.g. invoices, salary sacrifice agreemants between employer and employee, such agreements to include a statement from employees that the bicycle/bicycle safety equipment is for their own use and will be used for travelling to and from work).    
Qualifying Safety Equipment
  • Cycle helmets which conform to European Standard EN 1078
  • Lights, including dynamo packs
  • Mirrors and mudguards
  • Bell and buld horn
  • Cycle clips and dress guards
  • Locks and chains to ensure cycle can be safely secured
  • Panniers, luggage carriers and straps to allow luggage to be safely carried
  • Pumps, puncture repair kits, cycle tool kits and tyre sealant to allow for minor repairs
  • Reflective clothing along with white front reflectors and spoke reflectors
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For further information please contact us. Bikes for business is an extension of our excellent workshop facilities which is aimed at the company that wants to promote cycling within the working environment.  Your organisation needs will be managed by THINKBIKE to ensure your employees are getting full use of their bicycle from fleet bikes to mobile servicing to onsite repairing facilities.

  • Collection and delivery service
  • Staff Discounts on Products and Service
  • Question and Answer session with a trained member of our staff onsite
  • One Week Cycle Challenge for interested Staff members

We would like to change your working environment by ensuring the stress of commuting by car and bus is taken out of your employees lives. Biking is Better start to your day. Biking is eco-friendly and a great substitute for expensive gyms. Creates a healthier image for your company. Time efficient. Reliable. Cyclists smile more than other road users. Could potentially save money on car spaces. Creates a better work environment if staff are getting exercise, fresh air.

Please do not hesitate to contact John Clarke if you require further information on above.

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