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Fi'zi:k Tundra 2 saddle - short term test review

May 30, 2012

After a good bit of hesitation I finally decided to get a new saddle for the XC bike. The choice was the beast looking Fi'zi:k Tundra 2. I use Fi'zi:k saddle on my road bike as well for many years so I know how good these saddles are. I always had my eyes on this beauty but I fell in love with it at the Irish Cycling Show and there was no turning back! 

I just got this saddle recently but I think it's well worth a few words about it because in my opinion it is an absolutely great saddle for XC riders. I got this fitted on the bike straight after the show and used it for 3 proper off-road spins so far. 

Ready for testing

I've spent about 10 hours riding time on this saddle at this stage and the first thing that I realized besides the low enough weight was the really comfortable riding position on the bike. I like the way the nose of the saddle is pretty narrow and it isn't too wide at the back either. This provides easy possibility to slide behind the saddle on some seriously steep and technical descents. The shape of the saddle is very flat looking from the side, there is no curve at all like we see that on the Gobi model from the same manufacturer company.    

The padding is pretty thin and kind of hardish in my opinion but I'm happy with that since I prefer less padding and harder saddles in general. The added flexiblity increases the comfort on more extreme terrain. I managed to try out this saddle in pretty much every situation (tarmac, fire road, steep technical climb, rocks, roots, etc...) and it was simply comfy all the way!

  • weight: 220 gr                                            
  • dimensions: 290 mm x 125 mm                    
  • shell: Nylon Carbon reinforced
  • front cover: White MicroTex
  • central cover: White MicroTex
  • rear cover: White glossy MicroTex
  • rail: Hollow Manganese 7 mm
  • comfortable
  • durable looking cover
  • cool design
  • low enough weight
  • very high profile (seat height needed proper adjustment)

So, after this very short term testing I'm very happy with the Tundra 2 so far. It's a great saddle indeed for every rider who prefers high performance saddle on the bike. I'm glad I've picked this model and I'm sure it will serve my perfectly through all the training and racing hopefully for many years to come! I'm simply loving it! :)

 written by ThinkBike staff and club member: Andras Gercsenyi

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