Go by Bicycle – 6 Tips for commuting to work by bike

The amount of time lost in traffic and the concern to preserve the environment are just two good reasons for anyone to leave the car and take the bicycle as a way of transportation. Since Summer time is a great season to adopt new habits, follow our six tips and leave the car in the garage – Go by Bicycle!

1. Get used to the idea
The definitive replacement of car by bike doesn’t need to be done suddenly. Start small (but start!). Before using it to go to work, you should get used to the effort needed and the route chosen. If there is no preparation, you will get sweaty, tired and be stressed in your professional environment. This will only cause discouragement and you will return to riding in a car.

Before adding the bicycle to your daily life, start adaptation training. The rider must adapt his or her routine to this new way of transportation. A good alternative to the transition and to get the rhythm is pedalling with a group until you become more confident.

2. Pay attention to what you wear
The clothing you wear to pedal also makes all the difference. Remember, you are outdoors and moving your body, so expect to experience some sweat. For those commuting to work, the solution is to leave some clothes in the workplace and just change clothes when you arrive.

Another tip is to equip the bike with saddlebags. They make it easier to take clothes and other items such as laptops, purses, wallets and backpacks wherever you go. However, each rider must identify what brings more comfort and safety. One tip is to always leave a pair of shoes under your desk and cycle wearing trainers.

3. Use time to your advantage
Even if you will save time going by bicycle, mainly because of the traffic, it is advisable to leave your place of origin with at least 15 minutes to spare, so you get time to recover when you reach the final destination. Also, using the bicycle as a means of transport is different from using it to exercise. Your heart rate should be slower since cycling too fast causes the body to perspire more.

A benefit of cycling is that time spent on a particular path is pretty much the same everyday. But there’s an important detail: the fastest bike route is not always the same as the fastest car route. Often the route taken by car is longer and goes through hills, which is not very practical for those traveling by bike.

4. Pay attention to the weather
To avoid the rain, create the habit of following the weather forecast. And please have a plan B. It’s not nice to get to work wet as a compromise. Well, we are talking of Dublin… anyway, always have a waterproof jacket in your backpack.

5. Learn to use accessories
Helmet and gloves are indispensable accessories for those who want to start cycling. Protecting the head from an impact and keeping your hands dry and firm are safety tips aimed for all cyclists. However, you need to choose the right equipment.

6. Encourage more people
It is easier to use the bike when most people in your life have the same habit. It can be difficult to convince friends at first, but after noticing the increase in their well-being and how much time they can save, it is likely that other people will begin to do the same.