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ThinkBike | Bike To Work Scheme Ireland


The scheme allows employers to provide an employee with a bicycle and/or cycle safety equipment without the employee being liable for benefit-in-kind taxation. The scheme may also be implemented under a salary sacrifice arrangement through the employee’s payroll (in a similar manner to the existing Travel Pass Scheme). Under such agreement, the employer provides the bicycle and/or safety equipment to the employee who agrees to forego or sacrifice part of his or her salary every pay period (weekly/fortnightly/monthly as the case may be), in order to cover to cost of the benefit..


  • Save up to 51% off the price of a bike and equipment.
  • Spending limits are €1,250 for regular bikes and €1,500 for electric bikes.
  • Accessories and clothing can be included under the amounts above.
  • ThinkBike accept all forms of payment whether Voucher, Direct Payment, or up front payment - we'll look after and make the whole process easy for you.
  • We'll provide free delivery of your bike and all bikes come with 2 years free servicing.


The employer must purchase the bicycle and/or safety equipment.

The tax-exempt benefit-in-kind for the bicycle and safety equipment will only apply where the employee agrees to use the bicycle to cycle to and from work or between workplaces.Under any salary sacrifice arrangement, the cost of the bicycle and/or safety equipment must be paid within 12 months.


Interested in availing of the bike to work scheme? It's very straightforward, contact us today to get the ball rolling!